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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Philippine Coast Guards Auxiliary 126th Squadron set to give awareness on Sept 22, 2018 for International Coastal Clean Up

On September 22, 2018 from 6AM onwards, the Philippine Coast Guards Auxiliary 126th Squadron, Pureza station will lead the clean up along Pasig River to support the International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) Day in observance of the Global Coastal Clean-up celebrations. International Coastal Cleanup is the largest volunteer effort for ocean's health. 

Together with PCGA 126th Squadron. A group of local and expatriate environmentalists founded Taga-Ilog. The ICC project for this year is headed by Crista McInnis and May Thorssen. 

Taga-Ilog was created to support the efforts of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, PCGA 126th Squadron, backed by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) to clean the Pasig River and bring greater attention to the challenge of household waste in the country’s waterways.  

Volunteers are invited to meet the organizers at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) on the morning of September 22, 2018 at 6:00 am.

Taga-Ilog’s Pasig River Earth Day Clean-Up is supported by a number of private sector and non-governmental partners including the American Association of the Philippines, Canadian Club in the Philippines , Tag Media Group and Katalyst.Ph among others. 

Taga-Ilog looks forward to continuing to work with river communities, the Private Sector and non-governmental partners to support efforts to improve river-side waste management practices for healthy waterways.

To support, please contact May@thorssen.com with cell number 09176539090 and check 
Taga-ilog Project on Facebook.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Zoomanity Group: Teachers Month Promo

For more than 15 years, Zoomanity Group through its managed theme parks; Zoobic Safari in Subic, Paradizoo in Cavite, Zoocobia in Clark, Zoocolate Hills in Bohol and Residence Inn in Tagaytay  has been actively participating in the month-long series of activities in support of the annual worldwide celebration of Teachers Month led by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Teachers’ Day – celebrated on 4th of October which aims to mobilize support for teachers, and ensure that their needs are met to carry out their important role of molding the minds of the country’s youth.

For this year, Zoomanity Group made a promo to ensure that our teachers can visit the parks that are continuously helping the kids understand the animal kingdom.  For every 3 companions paid, the teacher will be free of charge for the entrance to any theme parks under Zoomanity Group from September 5, 2018 till October 5, 2018. 

Here’s another perks also for the rest of the year; 
Zoolit Booklet: What you need for every vacation 

For only Php 399 per booklet, If you're planning a vacation soon. Get ZOOLIT BOOKLET with Php 10K in Savings. 

You can use it to any theme parks;
Zoobic Safari (SBMA)
Zoocolate Thrills (Bohol)
Residence Inn (Tagaytay)
Paradizoo (Cavite)
Zoocobia (Clark) 

Residence Inn Tagaytay
Tiara Hotel Subic
Azotea Bel Air Makati

6- 50% off entrance tickets 
6- Buy 1 take 1 entrance tickets 
2- 50% off hotel accommodation 
1- Free Zing Zipline ride 
1- Free Photo (Worth Php295)
1- Free Zooc Rid
1- 30% off discount (Restaurant)
1- 40% off Souvenir shop 
And more freebies. 
Total savings, more than Php 10K.

For inquiries; 09778978877/ 9170213 or send email to grace@tagmedia.asia and for more promo please log on to zoomanity.com.ph

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Block chain for Real Estate

On September 8, 2018 in Makati Shangrila Hotel from 6PM-10PM, more than 30 CEOs came to attend the “CEOs Blockchain Night” courtesy of Light House Global Holdings Inc. (LHGI). 

Danny Lim, CEO of LHGI together with her VP Jem Castro attended the event and discussed the basics and advantage of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Real Estate and Properties. 

Danny Lim explained; The alignment of interest and expertise gels well as we are combining technology; both sharing economy and blockchain technology, with real estate development. This is totally new and disruptive to the traditional development business model.

Imagine what a developer can do, without buying land and taking loans from banks? We eliminate those obstacles. Now, with our new Platform, developers all over the world no longer needs to buy land and borrow money to develop!

“We hope to change the world of project development, globally. I strongly believe we can and we will. This will greatly benefit all shareholders, both existing and new, and hopefully, spiral LHGI share value to new heights.”

About Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc.

Lighthouse Global Holdings Inc. operates as a holdings company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, acquires and focuses on blockchain technology, bitcoin-mining, and project development industries. Lighthouse Global Holdings serves customers worldwide.

More details here www.lhgincorp.com

Friday, September 14, 2018

Olive Oil The Amazing oil

I never knew that Olive oil was also for good on skin until one of my friend taught me I can use it as a make up remover. Fortunately, when me and Tina went to the Cosmopolitan event last August, we saw a sign on Hand wash challenge for SOAPure Bath and Body booth. When I took the challenge, I got amazed because in a few minutes there's already difference on my skin. 

When I was offered for a level up, I gladly took because I knew that their products was all 100 % natural. Here's my new skincare routine.

It was delay though for using because I was caught up to busy schedule however, when I started using these SOAPure my life was changed. My skincare regimen starts when I took a bath when going to work, going to an event, make "gala". Here are the my new skincare routine:

I usually start with Lavender-Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub, I apply the scrub on my face, first I put a pea size sea salt scrub on my palm of my hand then I apply the scrub on my T-zone to my face and massage thoroughly in a circular motion then rinse it with cold water. In minutes, I can see the difference on my face, dark circles have reduced, whitens and smooth. Further, while scrubbing the smell is very natural and cold onto my face.

After sea salt scrub, I next proceed to the Panggas Langgas Bayabas soap, The soap is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory, infused of guava leaves and bark and it has citronella oil. I usually this soap onto my face and massage into circular motion and let it leave for a minutes then rinse with water. One of the great thing it removes dirt and oil. In addition, the smell of the soap is very natural and relaxing like when you are in spa treatment. 

Lastly, I would use Skin fairy blemish balm, I get a pea size of the balm then dab on the my face and massage it for few minutes and leave it then rinse with water, dry your face with clean cloth. At the time I use it, it makes my face smoother, fairer and lightens my skin. Further, I use the skin essentials for 5 days and I was able to get the satisfaction and difference of my skin that I was looking for a long time now. 

SOAPure hailed in Nueve Ecija and their products was based on all natural, skin-loving goodies specially handcrafted to make cleansing  and pampering rituals as indulgent as possible. No harmful chemical or toxins guaranteed.

Having the amazing ingredient of Olive oil to almost of all their skin essentials products was a sure fire hit to me since my skin is very sensitive. Lastly, since there are no harmful chemical or toxin as their ingredient it is good on all skin types. 

You may visit their Face book page: SOAPure Bath and Body

Disclaimer: This product may have worked for me but it does mean applies to you as well. Setting expectation, the products are 100% natural.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

WishCard will be giving away 5,000 Wish Points on 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Hey Wishers,

Great news!

Shopee as one of the well known app for Shopping online to wherein
they provide great discounts and free shipping as well.

As partners, WishCard will be giving away 5,000 Wish points on
Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day on September 9.

All you have to do is to download Wish App on your smart phones
and look for the promo code. Terms and Conditions apply.

Monday, September 3, 2018


The PRRC, in collaboration with UP PLANADES, designed the Pasig River Integrated and Strategic Master Plan (PRISM) with a vision that by 2032, the Pasig River and its surrounding basins are resilient life-sustaining ecosystems that are able to support diverse human needs and biodiversity towards inclusive, harmonized, and balanced development co-managed by competent and adaptive institutions with responsible and empowered communities.
This new restoration strategy covers water quality management, stream flow management, catchment management and riparian management so that the Pasig River will again enshrine socioeconomic, aesthetic, environmental, recreational and cultural values amid changing risks and natural perturbations.
The illustration below provides a brief summary of the integrated wastewater treatment systems, one of the 19 priority projects proposed in the PRISM to help improve the water quality of the Pasig River, and for concerned agencies to comply with concession agreement, and other environmental laws.


The Philippines' Pasig River, the cradle of early Manila civilization, has been selected as a finalist in the first ever Asia Riverprize by the prestigious International RiverFoundation (IRF) which recognizes and rewards organizations who are making a difference through effective river basin restoration and management programs.
It is a back-to-back nomination for the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) who just came from a successful campaign in the 2017 Thiess International Riverprize competition where the Pasig River was hailed as runner-up to the winner, San Antonio River of Texas, USA.
PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia says that “the consecutive entries of the Pasig River as a finalist in the 2017 and 2018 Thiess International and Asia Riverprize, respectively, is a testament that the world recognizes the efforts of the Philippine government to restore the Pasig River and its environs since PRRC was established in 1999.”
Initially, the competition was called the Asia-Pacific Riverprize Awards which was opened to entrants from New Zealand, Australia, and 45 other countries. However, according to the IRF, due the to the high number and quality of entries received, they have made the decision to split the promoted Asia-Pacific Riverprize into two: Asia Riverprize and another category for the Australasia Riverprize.
After a series of tedious deliberations, the IRF has announced and congratulates the organizations chosen as Asia Riverprize finalists with the highest honors in river restoration and protection namely: the Pasig River (Philippines) and the Yangtze River (China).
Goitia adds “last year, the Philippines is the only third world and developing country that made it into the international finals and bravely competed with the US and the United Kingdom. In this year’s Asia Riverprize, we will be facing another super power – the red dragon, China. However, with an indomitable spirit, we remain steadfast and optimistic that we will stand triumphant in the end.”
In behalf of the IRF’s board of river basin experts, IRF Director Professor Bill Dennison says that “these different river stories are united by a common theme: excellence in river management.”
The Riverprize is not a competition of which river is more beautiful or cleaner. This is the reason why the IRF, comprised of river management experts and professionals from around the world, has given importance and consideration to the rehabilitation efforts of the PRRC to bring back the Pasig River system to life. It has acknowledged PRRC’s commitment in delivering quality projects, programs, and activities in easement recovery, housing and resettlement, riverbanks development, waste and water quality management, and public awareness.
Compared to the 1990s when it was declared "biologically dead," the Pasig River's condition now has significantly improved. Although the Pasig River development is a work in progress, many areas along the historic river have already shown signs of aquatic life and it has already become conducive for transport, recreation, and tourism.
PRRC’s Executive Director Jose Antonio E. Goitia, together with Public Information, Advocacy and Tourism Division Head George Oliver G. De La Rama, will be presenting and defending the Philippines’ Pasig River entry to a panel of esteemed judges in the upcoming 21st International Riversymposium on October 14 to 18, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Members of PRRC’s Management Committee will also form part of the Philippine delegation.
The winner of the 2018 Asia Riverprize will receive widespread global recognition which can build new partnerships, provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge and best practices, and open doors for international support. Furthermore, the winner will automatically qualify for Stage Two of the Thiess International Riverprize in 2019.
As one nation, the PRRC seeks everyone’s support to its Pasig River entry in the 2018 Asia Riverprize. The Pasig River's victory is the victory of the Philippines and every Filipino who works hard and shares the same vision of saving our waterways and the environment. It will be the triumph of all who believe that the dream of a clean and alive Pasig River is within reach!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Healthy Coffee at it's Finest

Since I started working in the Corporate BPO industry, there a lot of drinks and coffee brands out there that I tried to keep me awake and active for the whole shift at work and at home. There are different kinds of coffee that I tasted these are strong, mild, brewed and 3 in 1. None of them, satisfies me that well. I was able to keep awake and active on the other, sometimes I experience palpitation towards the end of my shift. 

Alliance Global have develop a new coffee that won't hurt your stomach and you take coffee without worries of getting sick instead it has lots of health benefits. This is called Liven Alkaline Coffee and it has 4 variants:
  • Original 
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino 
  • Sugar Free

The Liven Alkaline Coffee is not your ordinary coffee that usually take only in the morning or to keep you awake. Aside from you can take a cup of coffee without eating, you can take it any time you want without worrying of getting acidic because it has alkaline content. Further, it has very low caffeine content, so it's good for the heart. In addition, the coffee is made from Premium Arabica Beans. 

I never knew Alkaline Coffee until it was offered to me by a trusted friend and so I decided to bought one box on a reasonable price. The box has 20 sachets in it enough for 20 days. When I tried first had a sip of Alkaline coffee, I was not amused because it's not strong. On the other hand, coffee was not sweet and it has right blend perfect for every day coffee in the end. 

Getting a lots of benefits in just one of cup of Liven Alkaline Coffee. It's very amazing. These are few benefits as follows:

  • Lowers Cholesterol Level
  • Protects Against Heart Diseases
  • Helps Prevent Cancer of Any Origin
  • Controls High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
  • Prevents Degenerative Diseases like Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Enhances, Nourishes, Strengthen & Balances the Immune System
  • Rejuvenates the Skin
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation and Cell Regeneration
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Reduces Fatigue
Now, you can enjoy your every day coffee from home to at work without guilt of getting acidic and less caffeine. Further, it has also Stevia sweetener which a great substitute for sugar or honey for your cup of coffee. These coffee may unusual however, you recommend to try it so you can see the difference on your coffee experience. 

If you would like to have a unique coffee experience, you may reach shoot a private message @ FB accounts: Bheng Rodrigo-Alaan or Hanny Simon or send an sms @ 09560482565 or 09198941962

You may visit their official website of AIM GLOBAL: AIMGLOBAL

Philippine Coast Guards Auxiliary 126th Squadron set to give awareness on Sept 22, 2018 for International Coastal Clean Up

On September 22, 2018 from 6AM onwards, the Philippine Coast Guards Auxiliary 126th Squadron, Pureza station will lead the clean up...